Ah-Lun Tang

Master of Science in Information Engineering Technology

Security Technical Program Manager @ Google

Finished M.Sc. in Engineering, currently working as Operations Engineer at Google where I help with deploying and maintaining world-class server and network infrastructure for Google customers.

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2020 - now

Technical Program Manager

September 16th 2020 - now

Keeping Google and Alphabet Secure

Used technologies

Qualys Python Program Management Stakeholder Management Risk Analysis
2014 - 2020

Operations Engineer @ Google

September 1st 2014 - September 16th 2020

Deploying and maintaining world-class Google servers and Google network infrastructure.

Used technologies

Linux Juniper Cisco Go Bash SDN Python Javascript
2014 - 2014

Consultant IT Support @ Pauwels Consulting

election day 2014

Providing IT support during the weekend of elections in 2014.

Used technologies

2013 - 2013

PHP Developer @ #oSoc13 / iRail

July 2013

Involved with multiple projects where refreshing new applications were created using open data including a web service to manage content from multiple datasources (The DataTank, weather services...).

Used the web service to visualise locally relevant data such as events, weather and traffic reports on digital signage screens at key locations such as tourism offices, museums and hotels.

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Used technologies

PHP Laravel 4 jQuery Backbone.js FlatTurtle MySQL/MariaDB RDF SCSS/Compass Grunt
2012 - 2013

Thesis student @ iMinds

from October 2012 to June 2013

The virtual wall at iMinds is a testbed that consists of a hundred general-purpose machines that can be deployed in a flexible way. These machines are mainly used for research: creating networking environments and research the behaviour from various protocols. Despite the hundred machines, it is still a large undertaking to emulate quite large networking environments.

This thesis explores the various ways to emulate multiple machines on a single physical machine in its literature study. It goes deeper in the Linux Containers technique. Linux Containers can be used to isolate multiple resources of the system. Isolating the networking module in the Linux kernel emulates a new network node in the setup what is exactly what we need if we want to emulate large networking environments.

→ iMinds

Used technologies

Python Linux Bash LXC unshare C
2010 - 2010

Summer intern @ Oxynade

August 2010

Scraping all kinds of sites for events using templates and regular expressions.

→ Oxynade

Used technologies

Expressions Visual Basic.NET
2010 - 2010

Intern @ CVO Roeselare

March 2010 to July 2010

Migrating from old Windows 2003 Server Infrastructure to newer Windows 2008 Infrastructure. Reorganising some key network elements for more flexibility and stability of the infrastructure. Created various utilities and scripts to help automate managing the infrastructure.

→ CVO Roeselare

Used technologies

Windows Server 2003/2008 Microsoft Exchange 2003/2010 Powershell Active Directory VBScript
2009 - 2009

Database Administrator @ Vergokan

August 2009

Architecting a new database design and added an easy to use interface and report functions for the Sales team to help automate their administration. Connecting the database to the existing ERP database for updated data.

→ Vergokan

Used technologies

SQL Server MS Access Sharepoint


2010 - 2014

University Ghent

from 2010 to 2014

Master of Science in Information Engineering Technology

2007 - 2010

University College Howest Kortrijk

from 2007 to 2010

Bachelor New Media and Communication Technology


Programming Languages
ASP.NET Android Bash C# C++ Java JavaScript PHP Perl Python Visual Basic.NET
Frameworks and CMS
Backbone.js Drupal Dynamics Navision Joomla Laravel Ratchet Spring Framework Wordpress jQuery
Network Administration
BGP CCNA Discovery Cisco IOS DD-WRT Linux OSPF Quagga RouteFlow VMware ESXi Virtualization Windows
Git MongoDB Photoshop SQL Subversion


Movies Reading Raspberry Pi


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